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2005-10-01 (Sat)


245通。Gmail側6200スレッド。info spamが目立つ。

[Soft] BlueZip 0.10.0

BlueZip is a cross-platform compression utility. It features a clean interface, full drag and drop support, and Zip and RAR support.

[Soft] compileAndGo 4.1

compileAndGo is two things: a #! program to wrap compiled-language source code into a script, and a shell command to compile and run source code in one step. It caches the executable file or files out of sight and does make-like automatic recompilation. Wrapping source code in #!compileAndGo combines the convenience of a script-like executable source file with the benefits of a compiled language.

なんか面白い。中身はshell scriptなんだな。

2005-10-02 (Sun)

[Ruby] まで読んだ


[Soft] minised 1.6

minised is the fast, small sed originally distributed in the GNU toolkit and still distributed with Minix. The members of the GNU Project removed it when they built their own sed around an enhanced regexp package, but it's still better for some uses (in particular, it's faster and less memory-intensive).

[Ruby] コマンドライン


2005-10-03 (Mon)

[Mail] Gmail不調


Oops...the system was unable to perform your operation.
Please try again in a few seconds.


[Firefox] SEGV

FirefoxがたまにSEGVで落ちるのはBloglinesが原因のようだ。 ためしにBloglinesを閉じて1日放っといても落ちなかったし。 うーむ。

2005-10-04 (Tue)

[Firefox] freshmeatのRSSの広告を消す

最近RSSに広告が入るようになったのはいいが、itemごとに入れられるとかなりうっとうしい。 特にitem数の多いfreshmeatなんかは最悪。なぜかどぎつい色が多く見辛いだけ。


.blines2 {
   display: none;


2005-10-05 (Wed)

[Comic] エマ


2005-10-06 (Thu)

bbe 0.1.2

bbe is a sed-like editor for binary files. Instead of reading input in lines as sed, bbe reads arbitrary blocks from an input stream and performs byte-related transformations on found blocks. Blocks can be defined using start/stop strings, stream offset and block length, or a combination. Basic editing commands include delete, replace, search/replace, binary operations (and, or, etc.), append, and bcd/ASCII conversion. For examining the input stream, it contains some grep-like features like printing the input file name, stream offset, and block number of found blocks. Block contents can also be printed in different formats like hex, octal, ASCII, and binary.

2005-10-07 (Fri)

[Mail] spamassassin 日本語 spam ルールパッケージ


いままで多くの spam(一年で 20 万通程度)を受け取っており,その経験か ら spam に含まれそうな単語をいくつかルールに加えてみたところ,このルー ルとベイジアンフィルタの併用で,99% 以上の spam 除去率と 0% の誤認識率 の spam フィルタとなった(個別のスコア設定なども含まれるが).

2005-10-08 (Sat)

[Soft] p7zip 4.29

This release can again handle filenames that begin with "/" or "./".

2005-10-09 (Sun)

[Soft] AutoGen 5.7.3

AutoGen is a tool designed for generating program files that contain repetitive text with varied substitutions. Its goal is to simplify the maintenance of programs that contain large amounts of repetitious text. This is especially valuable if there are several blocks of such text that must be kept synchronized. Output is specified with a Scheme-enhanced output template. Input, if required by your template, may come from AutoGen definitions, CGI data, or XML files.

[Soft] AutoOpts 26.0

AutoOpts is an integrated part of AutoGen. Based on a very simple option description file, it will process configuration files, environment variables, command line options, text strings passed by client programs, and will make the results easily accessible to the client program. It will also produce a man page and the info-doc invoking section automatically.

2005-10-10 (Mon)

[Ruby] Ruby Code & Style

Ruby Code & Style , an on-line magazine from Artima, has just published issue #1.

[Soft] Latemp 0.3.1

Latemp (a play on "Template") is a content management system for static HTML sites based on The Website Meta Language. It allows the user to easily maintain complex sites with navigation menus, site flow, navigation links, and a common look and feel.

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